Is your bank making changes? Check us out
If your bank is making changes, switch to Legend Bank! We've been serving customers for 130 years and we consider serving others a privilege. We'd like the opportunity to welcome you to Legend Bank family as a new customer.
We offer so many added benefits to make banking more convenient and rewarding, just for you!
Banking Solutions to Meet Your Needs
We look forward to serving you with a variety of banking solutions to meet your banking needs! 
Switching Your Checking Account is Easy With ClickSwitch!
We just introduced a new tool that will make switching to Legend Bank even easier! ClickSWITCH is the quick, safe
and efficient way to switch your recurring payments from your old accounts to new ones at Legend Bank. Learn more about ClickSwitch with this video:
Get Started - SwitchTRACK Activation Code
We look forward to sharing you "SwitchTRACK Activation Code" with you when you stop in to open an account.
Switching is Easy BREEZY with Layla from Legend
Learn more about making the switch from Layla, our pint-sized Legend banker. She's having fun showing Chris Simpson, SVP/bank services manager, that switching your checking account to Legend Bank is Easy BREEZY!


Come see us and we'll help you make the transition to banking with Legend Bank!

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