Cardswap easily update your legend debit card on file
Updating Your Debit Card Information Just Got Easier
Cardswap gives you a single spot to update your debit card on file wherever you pay - subscription and streaming services, eCommerce merchants, and more. With so many subscription and streaming services available now, it's so easy to pay with your debit card, but when your card expires or you get a new card due to potential fraud on your account, it can be a hassle to update your card number or expiration date in all of the places you have it stored. Cardswap makes it even easier and more convenient to update your card in one place! 

It's Simple & Easy to Link Your Debit Card
It's easy, just select "Cardswap" from the "Services" menu and follow the steps to link your card to your subscription services, like, Netflix and more! Once you have your card linked, you can easily update it in Cardswap when you get a new card. 

Select "Cardswap" from the "Services" menu:

Follow the "Get Started" prompt:

Select the subscription and streaming services you use.

Add your Legend Bank Debit Card information:

Link your Legend Bank Debit Card:

Update your card whenever you have a card change: 

Wireless carrier charges may apply.