We now offer you the ability to check out faster and easier using your Legend Bank contactless debit card. It's simple, secure and easy to use. Simply wave your card or tap it on the contactless reader and your transaction will be complete!

Benefits of Contactless Cards

Contactless cards feature this symboland can be used at terminals or card readers that feature the contactless symbol or have a message they support contactless transactions. 
Fast & Easy
More Sanitary
Just wave or tap your card to make your purchase. It usually only take a few seconds to read your card. It's faster than paying with cash or inserting your card into the reader! 
Contactless transactions are secure because they include a unique code which helps to keep your info safe and fight fraud. Plus, contactless cards only work 1-2 inches from the point of sale terminal. 
With a contactless card you are the only one touching your card. No inserting or touching the terminal to complete your transaction.

How to Use Your Contactless Card

  • Look for the contactless symbol when you are using your card.
  • Tap or wave your card on the front of the terminal (in the contactless card area).
  • Wait for a beep or green light before removing your card.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, like entering your PIN or signing for your transaction.

Confidence in Your Card

You can use your card at a variety of terminals to make payments, even if they don't accept contactless payments. Your card will work to tap, insert or swipe so you can be confident using your card everywhere you need to make a purchase.

Assumes account is in good standing, funds are available for your transaction and network connections are working properly. 

Coming Soon

We are working to transition your Legend Bank debit card to the new contactless card soon. When your card expires in the future, you will receive a new contactless debit card. If you stop in branch and open a new account or need to get a new debit card, you will receive a contactless card. 

We hope you enjoy the ease of using the new contactless cards!