Weed out the clutter.

There are so many reasons to make the switch to electronic statements and account documents! You'll love it!
  • You'll reduce paperwork and clutter, which helps you stay organized and protects our environment.
  • You'll have quicker access to your statements and account notices since you don't have to wait to receive them by mail! We'll notify you via email when your statement is ready.
  • You'll reduce the risk of mail fraud since your statements aren't mailed to you.
Retrieving Your Statements
Your statements and account documents are available once you are logged into Online Banking or our Mobile App. Just click "Statements & Notices" in the "Services" menu, select your account and the date of your statement or account document and click "Get Statement" to access it. 

Printing & Savings Your Statements
You can save or print your statement or account notice once you have it open, using the print menu from your computer browser window.
  • To save your statement, click print or the printer icon once your statement is open. Select "save as pdf" to save a pdf of your statement.
    • At this time you are unable to save your statement using the "download" or "save" button or icon in your browser. We are working to have this functionality available in the future. 
  • To print your statement, click print or the printer icon once your statement is open. Select the printer that you wish to use to print your statement. 

E-Delivery of your account documents is FREE! Sign Up Today!
  • To get started, login to Online Banking or our Mobile App, click on "Document Delivery" under the "Services" menu.
  • You'll need to read and accept the E-Statement & Document Delivery Agreement to proceed.
  • Change your delivery preference by clicking the pencil icon, changing the preferred delivery type to E-Statement and click save.
  • When you elect to receive electronic documents, a notification will be sent to your primary email address when documents are available.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

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