We have transitioned our web address to www.legend.bank from www.legend-bank.com to better protect you and your account information. This transition provides a more secure connection, which is even more important now because fraudsters are trying to get your personal information at a rate of 6 -10 times more than normal.

You may have questions about this transition and what it means for you so we have included helpful details below. If we can provide you with more information, please contact us.

What is .bank?

You are familiar with websites that end with “.com” in their address. Websites that end in ".bank" are more secure than “.com”.

.bank is a special domain that requires banks to be verified and authenticated before they use it. This makes it a more secure connection for you.

Why is the Transition Important?

The number one reason we've made this transition is to prevent against phishing, spoofing and other cyberattacks. Fraudsters make fake websites that look like sites you know and trust to trick you into sharing personal information with them. All .bank sites must be verified and authenticated before being allowed to register as a website. This means hackers, fraudsters and scamsters can’t get .bank domains to create lookalike websites
and emails like they can .com and other publicly available domains.

Extra Layer of Protection
By making the transition to .bank we've added an additional layer of protection, helping to further improve security against fraudsters trying to trick you into sharing your information with them by sending fake emails and creating websites that look like the real thing. All banks with a .bank domain must also implement additional security requirements to help secure their sites and email and they are monitored for compliance with these requirements on an ongoing basis.

It’s Easy to Spot
The great thing about our transition to .bank is that you’ll be able to easily spot if you are on our website or if the
email is from us! Just look for .bank at the end of the website or email address and you’ll know that it’s real,
which can protect you from interactions that could lead to identity theft and financial fraud.

What to Expect

Now that we've made the transition, you’ll notice that our website and email addresses from our bankers will end in .bank. The great news for you is that our website will automatically redirect from www.legend-bank.com to www.legend.bank, so you’ll be able to easily find us. 

Will I Need to Download a New Legend Bank App?

No, your Legend Bank app will continue working and you won't have to upgrade or update the app.

What Should I Do?

You won't need to make any changes initially because our www.legend-bank.com website will redirect to our new www.legend.bank website. However, we recommend that you update any saved bookmarks you have for our website in your favorites to our new address.

Please let us know if you have any questions. It's our privilege to serve you.