Let's step back in time and explore the history of Legend Bank. It's a legendary experience.

  • Legend Bank started as The First National Bank of Bowie in 1890 and was the first and only bank in Bowie, Texas at the time.

  • The first president of First National Bank of Bowie was Z.T. Lowrie. Lowrie was a rancher and wholesale grocer. "Lowrie Street" is named after him and is located in northern Bowie.

  • In August of 1891 the Bank's examination comments included "The general condition of this bank is very good and they are doing a very prosperous and conservative business."

  • In May of 1902, the Bank president T.C. Phillips wrote a letter to the Deputy Comptroller of the Currency explaining why they kept little cash on hand. The reason, to minimize the chances of burglary or robbery. As Phillips explained, the chance of a robbery was high and if cash was needed it was very easy to have it shipped from Fort Worth. In fact, this could be done up to four times daily, if necessary.

  • In November of 1915, the Bank's examiner concluded that the "Bank is solvent absolutely. Business prosperous and assets of good character and reasonably liquid...Directors and officers of good reputation."

Our Cannonball Safe

  • The cannonball safe featured in our new Bowie branch and headquarters was originally used in First National Bank of Bowie when we were founded in 1890. The safe weighs approximately 3,700 pounds and at one time served as the primary safe for the Bank.

  • Cannonball safes featured the latest anti-theft technology, a time lock system, which included three clocks that restricted the safes from being opened after daylight hours. This technology further protected the bank from robberies. In those days, it was common for a bank president to be kidnapped during the night and taken to the bank to unlock the safe.

  • Legend has it that First National Bank of Bowie was spectacularly robbed in the spring of 1894. Four bandits took $10,000 in gold pieces and $18,000 in currency and fled. Historical references say that the robbers couldn't cross the Red River due to flooding and buried the gold coins near their campsite.

Original Vault Doors

  • Our new Bowie branch features two original vault doors, one that was used in 1890 in First National Bank of Bowie and one that was used in The City National Bank of Bowie in the 1900's. First National Bank of Bowie acquired The City National Bank of Bowie in September 1930.

  • The City National Bank of Bowie vault door has been painted to maintain its original design. Images are depicted of wildlife native to the area, including bison, the largest land animal in North America, representing the heritage, spirit and culture common in the early days of Bowie.

  • The First National Bank of Bowie vault door images depict the popularity of cattle and longhorns in the area as well as oil in Montague County, which was a significant economic force for the community.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our history and through the years have strengthened our roots in the communities we serve. Our tradition of service to you continues with the same values we established 126 years ago.