With Legend Bank's Biller Direct you can put all your bills in one place by simply linking your accounts to popular services in Biller Direct.

With Biller Direct, you:
  • Have another easy way to pay bills – allows you to pay bills with your account or card (earn reward points!)
  • Can add your bills all to one place - you don’t have to go site to site
  • Can receive real-time updates on bill balances via text or other methods
  • Can get updates on your payments

To get started, log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App.

From the "Transactions" menu, select "Biller Direct".
Biller Direct transaction menu in Online Banking

You'll receive information about putting all of your bills in one place and linking your accounts to sync your data with Biller Direct. Click "Next".
Put all your bills in one place. Simply link your accounts to start syncing data.

You can instantly pay your bills with your card. Click "Next".
Instantly pay fills with your card or any payment method your provider accepts.

Easily stay on top of your payments and receive real-time updates of balances and payments. Get started by clicking "Add a bill".
Stay on top of your payments. Receive real-time updates of balances & payments.

Once you click "Add a bill", you'll go to the company list and you can easily search by company name from popular service providers. 
Select a company. Search by company name.

Once you select a company from the list, you'll be prompted to enter your credentials and log in. 
Netflix log in example for  Biller Direct

Once you log in, your bill account information will be imported into Biller Direct so that you can view and monitor payments and providers. An example below for Netflix is included below.

Contact us should you have any questions regarding using Biller Direct. Thank you.

Wireless carrier charges may apply. Terms and conditions apply. Names of other companies are for illustration purposes only. Companies may vary.